Expertise to Pursue Your Next Opportunity
Career Changers
We prepare resumes that open more doors
Marketing, user experience (UX), and branding savvy, plus literary elements and more hold the keys to a stand-out resume. We guide you in replacing the “me” view in favor of emphasizing your value and ways you meet your reader’s requirements. Making this 180-degree twist in perspective offers a rush of new possibilities.
We offer expertise to solo and networked professionals
Spotlighting your value, range, and depth clears the path to your chosen future. With many choices available to meet your goals, which is best? Along the ranges of easy-to-difficult, cheap-to-expensive, and short-to-long term, you may seek ways that conserve resources that also produce the impact you want. You may also make a wise choice to choose the one option you will do, and do consistently.

We advise on creating and leveraging your unique brand

Not just a logo, or networking with your connections and relying on your online presence: Instead, as a catalyst, we work with you to become clear about your most compelling message to your audiences, leading to your unique positioning in the contexts of customers, competitors, and costs. An effective and efficient multi-channel plan for launch and outreach can then follow.
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