How We Can Work Together
What You Receive
Man Delivering Boxes
For all communications you may expect: Messages relevant to your audiences that engage your reviewers. Focus is on ensuring your resume matches requirements of your preferred job function, level, and industry. May involve collaboration, along with review, research, and analysis. Action steps may be shared.
We create your resume in MS Word and also provide your files in .pdf and .txt formats.
Cover Letter
We prepare a generic letter that can be adapted when submitted to specific jobs. A letter developed for a specific opening may also be prepared.
Additional elements may be needed: Second resume, resume supplements, LinkedIn Profile audit and About Paragraph, bios, stories of achievement, networking introductory statements, website, portfolio, and more.
How We Work
Initial discussions
Together we will explore your preferences as you prepare for your next career change. We will schedule a work session at the Oakland office. As necessary, the work session may be conducted by Skype, Zoom, or phone. Before the work session we will review your present resume and other materials.
Positioning, Prioritizing
You have criteria for selecting your career direction and next position. We will examine possibilities and trade-offs of selecting the job category that will become focus of your resume.
Research, Refining Priorities
We will collect needed additional information about your accomplishments and experience details. We will proceed with collecting job postings to develop a composite picture of the preferred job category.
Next Steps, Resume Preparation
We will deliver your resume and related items. Together we can discuss adjustments and changes. The scope of work is completed when we have completed the action steps and you have the delivered products that fulfill the purposes and provide you with product that meets and exceeds your goals.
Rates, Pricing
The initial work session includes preliminary phone discussions and resume review. Cost is reduced to $100 for clients who have attended a Delta Strategies resume workshop

Flat Fee
Strategic, Creative
Research, analysis, job category positioning, and creative portion of project
Tasks such as proofreading, one-pass research, light editing, finalizing, formatting, and adjustments

Time is prorated to the fraction of an hour. Following the initial work session we can narrow the cost estimate and set a not-to-exceed price.
Typical Cost According to Client Level
Early Career
Advanced Career