A Resume for Your Next Step
Expertise to Pursue Your Preferred Career Choice
We spotlight the path and guide job changers through perplexing challenges
I want to transition to a new career.
I am not getting interviews.
My resume generates inquiries, but not for the jobs I want.
I can do the job I want, but lack some of the qualifications.
I have too many jobs.
What can I do about my employment gap?
I want to return to my career of 20 years ago.
I have had my own business. Now I want to be an employee.
You CAN stand out, spark interest, and improve your results.
You CAN claim the job you want (assuming you are qualified),
You CAN engage your reviewer beyond the typical 3 to 6 seconds on first review.
You CAN do more with our expertise in marketing, branding, and visual layout.
You CAN transfer your enthusiasm and energy in print and online.
Your resume CAN show you in action achieving results.
Your resume WILL earn more opportunities when you present the value you offer.
Services that Focus on Your Next Step: The Job You Want
We prepare custom resumes that get interviews and impress reviewers by emphasizing your value and strengths.

We have completed resumes for more than 1500 clients including professionals, tech specialists, managers, executives, trade and craft workers, academics, and creatives.

Our clients’ objectives cover a wide range including advancement, transition to new opportunities, and pursuit of new directions.
Selecting your target and taking aim
A face-to-face work session allows you to share your aspirations, strengths, and unique capabilities, as well as your concerns as you approach the next step in your career.

We provide processes, research, and resources to assist in selecting the job target you prefer that will also allow you to compete effectively.

We prepare all client resumes to match your selected job category.
Clarifying your value to a prospective employer
More than a chronological list. More than a recounting of processes performed. Our goals for your resume:

A presentation that is a quick read with emphasis on achievements and challenges met — your value and uniqueness, emphasizing you in action succeeding — whether leading or collaborating, and you making a difference.

Your priority job target, or a cluster of closely related targets, will be the starting point for developing your resume, along with a thorough review of job postings in your chosen job category
Adding more to your package strengthens your search: Cover letter, email notes, LinkedIn, annotated achievement lists, and on and on
Your resume will make a positive and memorable impression. But there’s more: Your branding, which includes all available information “out there” about you, can reinforce favorable first impressions and add to your credibility.

We assist in preparing persona statements, bios, styling, and networking/elevator speeches.