Resume Formatting for Digital Scanning
Resume Submission
Formatting Recommendation
  1. Create an eye-appealing resume in MS Word.
  2. From the “Save As” dropdown menu, save your resume as an MS Word file. Then save it as a .pdf file and also as a plain text file (.txt).
  3. Close and then open the .txt file. You will note that it has stripped from your resume all MS Word hidden codes and all formatting enhancements, but makes odd conversions, such as substituting question marks for bullets and making spacing changes.
  4. Make adjustments to the .txt file such as substituting two asterisks in place of bullets, if needed, and adjust some of the spacings. Note that the conversion from MS Word will delete text boxes but will convert tables to lists (check for and correct list items that may have run together).
  5. The .txt format is the least-risky way to submit your resume for digital scanning. Never send an MS Word file unless you are specifically instructed to.
  6. When submitting via email with resume attached, send both the .pdf and .txt files.
  7. When submitting via a job board (Indeed, for example), cut and paste the sections of your resume from the .txt file into the dialog boxes. Then always look for an Edit button to view any need for editing because of anomalies that may have occurred during conversion from your computer to the online posting. Make corrections on the screen that opens after clicking on the Edit button .